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Wish You Knew 2010 by PirateKidGirlie06 Wish You Knew 2010 :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 1 Janelly by PirateKidGirlie06 Janelly :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 0 Downtown Dallas by PirateKidGirlie06 Downtown Dallas :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 1 Little Sister, Big Brother. by PirateKidGirlie06 Little Sister, Big Brother. :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 10 6 Los Angeles Feeling Calm by PirateKidGirlie06 Los Angeles Feeling Calm :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 0
I'll Find You Again..
Not hearing your voice for an eternity
Hurts more than you think it does…
I sit here…
Wondering where you are,
What you are thinking..
Or if you even care.
Come back to me..
Find your way out of the darkness
That you fell in before I left…
Remember us.. We still exist…
I still exist..
Every day that passes by..
You indirectly hurt me, by your
Non presence, by your non-concern..
I stare into space…and try to forget
The pain…
You actually caused tears to escape
My eyes..
You are important to me…
And it would break my heart..
To leave and not say goodbye..
don’t do that to me…
My friend..
:iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 7
Janelly Photography by PirateKidGirlie06 Janelly Photography :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 2 1
The Definition of Friendship
My heart hasn’t felt the same..
As it did before..
I see life differently now..
Sometimes I just hate it so much.
But you are one of the reasons..
It’s not bad at all…
It might be it’s strict nature…
It made us..appreciate one another..
More than  the endless dark sky itself..
I sit here.. In a trance with the blues..
Swimming in my soul… but it’s..
A feeling of relief.. And comfort..
Every minute with friend..
I never take for granted…
Every Minute… I just open my heart..
Show you my mind..
Show you my weaknesses..
I feel at peace..
Even while an earthquake is within
My head..
I feel a genuine appreciation.. For you..
That sometimes brings me to tears..
It’s something humanity probably
Never feels..
Everything is rushed…
And taken for granted in this life..
But when im on that..breezy hill..
With you.. Time seems to stop..
Pain fades away..
Every song we listen to has meaning..
Every Sound.. Is more beautiful.
:iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 1
Happiness by PirateKidGirlie06 Happiness :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 13 Innocence by PirateKidGirlie06 Innocence :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 6
Sea Maiden's Melody
A long lost feeling…
Captivated by thoughts..
Consumed by Emotions…
It all sinks away to the depths of the sea…
Carried by the cold soft wind..
The moonlight's reflection..
Reminds me of my neverending sighs..
"We can no longer be together…"
A distraction awakens my lost mind…
Warm Brown Eyes mesmerized by
It's ashes flickering in the heat..
I turn back..
To face the wretched dark sea..
How beautiful you are..
And what fear you place in me..
"I feel the glorious light within me..
My loving heart chained up.. And
Locked away, not to be touched by a
Human Soul.."
One breath holds many memories..
Of your presence…
Of your gentle touch..
And fiery kisses…
"You shall wait for me, my love..
The sea..might separate our bodies…
But not our determined hearts.."
The Song of the Ocean…A song…
Of Love…It calls for us..
To restore the fallen leaves.. From
The tree of endless passion..
I stay staring at this empty moon…
And the seasons keep on changing..
Sunrise and Sunset..keep gre
:iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 2 8
Bright Violet Lily by PirateKidGirlie06 Bright Violet Lily :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 4 Sister Fairies by PirateKidGirlie06 Sister Fairies :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 2 Purple Janelly. by PirateKidGirlie06 Purple Janelly. :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 1 4 We need to Smile Sometimes :D by PirateKidGirlie06 We need to Smile Sometimes :D :iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 7
Beyond The Sea: Scarlet Rose.
Part 2 (The Friendship Chronicles)- "Beyond The Sea, The Scarlet Rose"
The princess known through all the realms..
The Wicked Mistress of the Kingdom.
She is not Wicked at all….but sweet.
She is a true and trusted friend..
Also a sister from our glorious land..
An original scarlet red rose within a
Garden of virtue and ambition…
The fair mermaid swimming
In a crisp sea of imagination..
And  never-ending creativity..
A bright light beneath the sea..
That outshines every other marine creature..
With her warm kindness..
Music dances through her mind..
Angelic voices with a taste of
Metal Confidence..
She sits beside a flawless lake..
Dreaming about paintings
Within her mind…
And  a human face..
As her delicate canvas..
The wicked mistress…expresses
Herself beautifully..
With vibrant colors and deep words…  
My friend, my sister..
Like no other…in these medieval ages…
She possesses a visual perception..
Which goes beyond the ordinary
Distant lands..
A heart fi
:iconpiratekidgirlie06:PirateKidGirlie06 0 4

Random Favourites

Mature content
Love :iconprincessaobscura:PrincessaObscura 1 3
Mature content
A Strange Intimacy :iconprincessaobscura:PrincessaObscura 2 4
Our Own Meaning
It is the comfort we share
It is the connection we have
It is the importance of our minds that joins us together
it is our smiles that produce a greater happiness
It is when we look into each other's eyes and feel our hands sweat...
that, everything we share is what makes us unite...
It is what makes us miss each other
It is that we kiss and we forgive
It is that we hug and we speak
It is that we hold hands and we meditate
It is that we make love and we're eternal in spirit
Our flesh grows old but our unity remains forever...
It is that we laugh together and feel a spontaneity to give each other a rose
It is that we are nervous around each other... it is all because of an unpredictable and uncontrollable mental connection...
It is our meaning of Love
Of Closeness
Of Beauty
Of Sex
Of Eternal Attraction and
True Appreciation for another human being
What we are- no one can change us
what we do is something that no one should
interfere with
Our happiness is our own
One day it will be a les
:iconprincessaobscura:PrincessaObscura 1 4
Midday Mist by Wickedmistress777 Midday Mist :iconwickedmistress777:Wickedmistress777 3 1
I trust you with all my heart.
But that is just not good enough.
I try to keep everything well.
I change to help you feel better.
All I can do now is dwell on how I have been deceived
My feelings were so strong.
My heart was so pure.
I always wished you were here.
You have deceived me.
You have used me.
You have killed me.
I loved once.
I will never love again.
You taught me how to kiss.
You were such bliss.
I fell in love.
I lost my mind.
You were part of me.
I guess I really didn't matter.
I'm just a person to finish your last year.
I don't have feelings.
I'm just a robot.
That's how you made me feel.
You said you loved me.
But you lied to me.
You don't love me you just lust me.
I was always true to you.
I could never be cruel to you.
You hit me I laughed.
You kicked me I hugged.
You poked I loved.
I'd do anything for you.
I fell in love with you.
You told me you loved me.
But you just lied to me.
I figured out you were done with me.
I figured you were through with me.
I wondered why
:icondragonis2:Dragonis2 1 1
Mentally Handicapped by MallcoreMassacre Mentally Handicapped :iconmallcoremassacre:MallcoreMassacre 8 8 Pagan Poetry by teentitans Pagan Poetry :iconteentitans:teentitans 43 16 Death Note: L Gets an Idea. by SilentReaper Death Note: L Gets an Idea. :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 66,704 10,604 Happy Birthday by WarBandit Happy Birthday :iconwarbandit:WarBandit 499 128 Enter The Matrix-Team Possible by WarBandit Enter The Matrix-Team Possible :iconwarbandit:WarBandit 498 72 peace circle by dance-all-day peace circle :icondance-all-day:dance-all-day 2 2 CG SILV Girl 36 by iDNAR CG SILV Girl 36 :iconidnar:iDNAR 1,251 98 .Cadence of Time. by strawberrypockey .Cadence of Time. :iconstrawberrypockey:strawberrypockey 910 122 Killing Time by andaria Killing Time :iconandaria:andaria 926 334 Pro-Life Zone by MallcoreMassacre Pro-Life Zone :iconmallcoremassacre:MallcoreMassacre 6 10



Janelly D.
United States
Current Residence: Lewisville, TX
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classic Rock , Rock, Industrial, Techno, Motown, and Gothic.
Favourite style of art: Emotional. Cartoons, anything but squares and lines.
MP3 player of choice: IPOD Nano 3 Gen
Favourite cartoon character: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Personal Quote: There is Tragedy in perfection, because the universe in which perfection arises itself imperfect\\
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